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Residential Window Glass Repair 

     Over time your window can lose it's seal and start to form moisture between the glass. Glass Pro can repair that wet or fogged glass without replacing the entire window frame.  We service all types of windows and even stock some insulated glass for standard size doors and windows. We stock annealed glass for same day service on single pane windows.

     We offer upgrades to your glass to improve its performance with heat gain such as tinted glass, low-e.  You can also request an add of argon gas to the insulated glass to displace the air between the panels in windows. Argon, which comprises slightly less than 1% of the Earth's atmosphere, is non-toxic, inert, clear and odorless. It is the least expensive was to increase the performance of the insulated glass.         

No matter if it is a log cabin with large trapezoid shaped glass, an entire house with aged windows, or a patio door that was no match for a weed eater, we have you covered.  Glass Pro offers short turnaround times and experienced glaziers to assure the job will be done correctly.

     We also stock 1/4" clear glass for custom table tops and glass shelving as well as mirrors which can be as custom as you want them. 

Typically the lead time for a replacement glass is 5-7 working days. Call us at 417-297-0522 for a free estimate.